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Friday, August 14, 2009


The (anti-mission) mission statement

I’m naturally suspicious of mission statements – of the corporate variety, at least. They strike me as a means to institute top-down cultural values where these values should instead originate in a bottom-up manner, bubbling up the corporate hierarchy and silently informing the company’s ethos. Moreover, the statements become lazy heuristic shortcuts – the type middle-managers reflexively recite and tether their thoughts around, instead of thinking deeply and critically about the business and the nature of their work.

That said, some ten posts or so into this website, I am starting to wonder natural thoughts such as where is this thing going?... The type of thoughts that lead instinctively to a bullet pointed and power-pointed mission statement. Now I avoided the typical first post you see on blogs on purpose (the type that announces why you are writing and your directions, et cetera) because I first wanted to see how my posts shaped up, and if there was any discernable trend.

So, basically, two weeks later: there is none.

Of course you can group the posts so far around the three P’s – (Prep Clothing, Photography, Poetry & Literature), but there is hardly any unifying theme other than these are subjects I enjoy. Loosely, I suppose, you could say this is a website about aesthetics – though such a big tent definition is hardly useful in comparing my aesthetic sense with anyone else’s.

I’ve come around to the notion that this can be free-for-all of sorts, a virtual bargain bin of ideas and shards of thoughts that, much like the business of Citigroup, are worth more on their own rather than as a whole. In other words, the point is not to have a point, seeking not to fill a niche but rather graze casually, parsing out my mind’s flotsam and jetsam to a wider audience.

You can say then, that this website, to paraphrase William F. Buckley, stands athwart specialization, yelling stop.



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