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Sunday, August 30, 2009


Camp BoBo in the 1980's

Croquet Club 1984, originally uploaded by BowdoinCollege.
I found what looks to be Bowdoin College's official Flickr account in my hunt for unique and interesting photos of the Bowdoin college experience. Now, as you can imagine a lot of these photographs are of recent official, sanctioned events - like graduation or athletic games - but there are some real gems from the archive that date back to the 1950's. I wonder if they are familiar with the Life Magazine archives I've posted previously?

Here is one of my favorites - Bowdoin's Croquet Club in 1984. Note the tennis sweater in the center row, as well as the variety of sportcoat combos featured by the men. Lacoste polo and blazer? Check. V-neck sweater and blazer combo? Double-check.

Also, one of the club members is a fellow by the name of Jeff Wicket - if that isn't a great Croquet name I don't know what is.



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