Sunday, August 9, 2009

Life Archive: Bowdoin College Cool

More good finds from the Life photo archive on Google. Looks like this photo was taken near the current day Art History library, guessing by the location of Massachusettes Hall on the right side of the frame. I wonder when Bowdoin took out the seats built around the trees? What a shame, they look pretty neat.

Even better are the guy's loafers. LL Bean or Quoddy moccasins? Not sure. Regardless, pretty classic. I also like the terry cloth polo shirt.

What are they reading? I bet they're reviewing a list of chants for the upcoming Bowdoin/Colby hockey game.


  1. sebago or topsider.

    Still the same lame baggy khakis but I'm kinda into the creepy terry polo shirt, too.

  2. I'm pretty sure that there was just one tree with a seat around it -- the Thorndike Oak, which was cut down sometime around the year 2000 (it was dead and rotting). They moved the bench to be around another oak, planted in the continuing legacy of Thorndike.