Wednesday, August 5, 2009

On the Cheap: Port Canvas bags

In one of his best posts ever, Trip from A Trip Down South offered cheaper alternatives to the J Crew Timex military watch offered for sale last Christmas by J Crew. His original post can be found here.

Thanks to Trip, I created my own military-style watch for about $30 using a US Time watch and a reversible watch straps that you can get at places like J. Press (I got mine from from the terrific John Hyatt shop in Summit, NJ). Way better than dropping $150, and more distinctive too.

So in the spirit of Trip's post, I'm starting another feature on DP called On the Cheap, focusing on ways to get fashion gear - you guessed it - on the cheap.

My inspiration today comes from the Rogues Gallery S/S 2010 collection previewed today on ACL.

Rogues Gallery featured two very plain duffel bags as well as a rugged looking tote (third and fifth picture on the ACL link). Now, prices are not listed, but if I had to guess I would estimate they'll retail for anywhere between $100-$300, based on current prices for bags at Rogues Gallery.

A far more economical - and still Maine based option! - is to get your stuff through Port Canvas in Kennebunkport, ME. Going by the uh, remarkable simularity between the Rogues Gallery bags and the Port Canvas bags, I'm guessing the Rogues Gallery guys are big 'port fans too.

Port Canvas offers a variety of different bag styles - all customizable and monogramable - for reasonable prices that will set you back in the range of $40-80. The closest approximation to the RG bags are the Cruiser and the Shellseeker.

Frankly, Port Canvas is a better deal. So you can spend the money you save on your totebag purchase on the upkeep of your small yacht, Pup.

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  1. They make a great belt too - My first ribbon/print belt was via Port Canvas - white webbing, brass double d ring, navy ribbon with white tall ships. Its my pride and joy. Wore that thing for 4 years of college and it keeps going.

    hell, this weekend is our Reunion, maybe it should come back for that as well...