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Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Sentence of the Day: Pirate-nomics

"A brisk, clever new book, “The Invisible Hook” (Princeton; $24.95), by Peter T. Leeson, an economist who claims to have owned a pirate skull ring as a child and to have had supply-and-demand curves tattooed on his right biceps when he was seventeen, offers a different approach."

-A History of Pirates, The New Yorker

Supply and Demand: because that's probably what a teenager who reads Friedman and Keynes thinks is cool to name his biceps.

This sentence is beautiful, mostly because of its sheer improbability.  "A nobel prize-winning economist," or "renowned economist" - we've all seen that.  But to introduce an economist via an anecdote about his nerdy tattoos?  That's hardly an inferior good. 

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