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Sunday, September 27, 2009


Sentence of the Day: A Sensible Sentence

"The poor go under or go up or go wrong or even go on, somehow, in a way the poor have - but George O'Kelly was so new to poverty that had anyone denied the uniqueness of his case he would have been astonished."  

-F. Scott Fitzgerald's "The Sensible Thing," The Collected Short Stories of F. Scott Fitzgerald

When Fitz hits on all cylinders he has a musicality to his lyricism that cannot be beat.  However, a lot of the short fiction he produced the steady-paying "slicks" like the Saturday Evening Post, Collier's and Red Book was a noticeable step down in quality.

While he explored a lot of complex Americana themes in the short stories that he would later flesh out in his novels (North vs. the South, Wealth, Pursuit of Gilded Women, etc), most of the short stories have a workman-like quality that detract a bit from their enjoyment.

However once in awhile he lets slip a beautiful sentence in the midst of an otherwise banal paragraph, as if to remind us that yes, we are still in the presence of a terribly gifted writer.    

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