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Saturday, October 17, 2009


A Before and After: KMW vs. APC

The thing I like about clothing – and not the only thing mind you – is its ability to tell a story through the ordinary process of wear and tear. As Mark Doty said in a poem once, mortality’s evidence is found best in a pair of discarded jeans.

So naturally I’m a fan of selvedge denim, the raw denim that gradually contours to your body and wears over time. Unlike most selvedge fanatics though, I don’t care much about how old the Japanese looms are, how many miles the makers trekked to find the perfect thread, or how many virgins it took to sew the back pockets on by hand. Whatever. That stuff, to me, is all marketing. I just like my denim dark, raw and stiff.

I’m also really picky about getting a new pair, and basically drive my jeans into the ground. So when my Kicking Mule Workshop 1980’s jeans (available at Odin) started getting holes in the patches that were sewed on to fix previous holes, well, I knew I needed a new pair.

The price of Kicking Mule Workshop has gone up significantly ($350 what?) so I picked up a pair of the standby APC New Standards that are more reasonably priced. I thought it would be interesting to see the two side by side before I break in the APCs. Note that the KMW jeans were once as dark as the new APCs. Pretty cool to see the distressing that is uniquely yours.

From Jeans

From Jeans

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I am by no means a hardcore "denim head", but I love posts like this and cannot wait for my own APC NS's to look like your beautiful KMW's. I could look at selvage before and after pics all afternoon. If you feel the same you might like this...


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