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Monday, October 26, 2009


Chloë Sevigny x Opening Ceremony x Bass

Got a surprise in the email box today from UrbanDaddy, promoting Ms. Sevigny's update of the Bass line for Opening Ceremony

Normally I prefer the classics, rather than someone's wry take on them, but for whatever reason Chloë Sevigny's twist on the legendary (and Preppy Handbook approved) Bass Weejun caught my attention.  While some designers go off the farm and others barely make an dent in the original form, this collaboration retains enough of the the original classic while addding thoughtful innovation to make the whole venture worthwhile. 

Her contrasting panel Weejuns recall the spectator shoe - a classic item enjoying quite a resurgence recently.

From Loafer

From Loafer

These are the white contrast Weejuns.  Definitely a bold statement - but if one can wear go-to-hell pants, why not go-to-hell Weejuns?

If the above are a little much, then the Burgundy contrast Weejun may be more your speed.  As seen in the following images, the contrast is subtler. 

From Loafer

From Loafer

At $170, these are pricier than the regular Weejuns which normally go for about $100 - but inexpensive enough to pick up without seriously breaking the bank. Personally, I'm a fan of both.

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If you think these are cool, peep the Mark McNairy for Bass Weejuns collabo...amazing...

i don't think I'd pay that price, but these are okay, I really dig the second pair pictured. Chloe Sevigny is wonderful and gorgeous, for the record ;)
LAS - I remember seeing those when they came out and being turned off by the price - but I gave it another look on your rec and liked them a lot this time. Still man, too much money I think.

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