Thursday, October 22, 2009

The closest I'll come to Mouton-Rothschild this year

As one of the five First Growths of the Bordeaux 1855 classification of the Medoc district, Chateau Mouton-Rothschild can pretty much stand on its own. Even with this unique distinction, Mouton-Rothschild has commissioned an artist every year since 1946 to design the label for their bottle – elevating the Chateau even higher in my mind.

Considering that I don’t have many (read: any) bottles of the stuff in my studio apartment, I’ve never had a chance to check out the labels all at once. So I tracked down a collection of each year’s labels, and some of my favorites are below.

From Bordeaux
1998 - Rufino Tamayo

From Bordeaux
1985 - Paul Delvaux

From Bordeaux
1984 - Yaacov Agam

From Bordeaux
1983 - Saul Steinberg

From Bordeaux
1975 - Andy Warhol

From Bordeaux
1970 - Marc Chagall

From Bordeaux
1999 - Raymond Savignac

Thomas Jefferson and Richard Nixon were supposedly fans of Chateau Margaux, but I like Mouton-Rothschild based on their artist program.

Word is that for their efforts, artists receive five cases of that particular vintage as well as a selection of five additional cases selected from the Cheateau’s cellar.

Sign me up for that deal.

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Image source:
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  1. Just found your blog its great! My parents use to collect that wine...I knew never to take that. I love the art on the labels. I am going to but you on my blog roll.