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Thursday, October 8, 2009


In Praise of Black n' Reds

I used to think the ultimate style killer was wearing a backpack with your suit. It doesn’t make any sense (do you carry textbooks to work?) and simply clashes with the entire outfit. I mean, it practically telegraphs that your Mom also packs a lunch before you walk out the door to go to work with the big boys in the city.

But now I think the standard office supply notebook, the kind most people dutifully carry to meetings, is even worse.

I never noticed this until I started interacting with a number of my work colleagues from London. On a number of many style matters, those colleagues simply out-class their American counterparts (myself included).

Yet it doesn’t just come down to matters of dress or those great accents – even their notepads are stylish! They use Black n' Reds! Like dressing up for the theatre, they treat the customs of the standard office meeting with the respect it deserves by bringing a decent looking notebook to the table!

(Black n' Red hardback - much better!)

Meanwhile, most of us show up to a meeting with the same kind of notebook we used in high school to jot down notes about The Catcher in the Rye.

A couple of months ago I looked around the table at meeting with some London folks and had a coming-to-Jesus moment. Like Paul on the road to Demascus, I suddenly saw the error of my ways. A cheap cover, cheap paper – I could do a lot better.

Now I work in my Black n' Reds with a sense of pride, after procuring a number to last me a good couple of years from a helpful London colleague. The quality of the paper is much better, and they hold up their slick appearance even after months of constant use. It’s simply a classic, through and through.

After all, most of us put a little bit of effort into our appearance before we head to work each morning. Why should the selection of our notebooks be any different?

(I prefer the polypropylene covers, personally)

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Dude. Moleskine! Although all the producers I work with use Black and Red . . .
I was thinking Moleskin, as well.
I hear you on the Moleskin. Problem is I feel like everyone in the New York Cafe society has a Moleskin, the Mac Book Pro, and crushed literary ambitions (just kidding about the last part. well, maybe not).

If the aesthetic is more corporate, which I'm imaginging here, I think the Black n' Red works a little better. But hey, I could be off.
Also, Amazon.com carries Black n' Red notebooks in a wide array of shapes and materials. Its always nice to get it from the source, but when you are in a pinch, it gives you an alternative.

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