Sunday, October 18, 2009

A Look Inside: Porter Street Bags

My interest in is well documented. Above all, in terms of clothing and accessories, I look for unique items (clothing or otherwise) and Etsy is overstuffed with them.

In late Summer I stumbled upon a bag maker that offered handmade bags in the vein of Billykirk and Jack Spade. I figured I would save the link, and then write up the find on DP at some point.The shop was called Porter Street Bags

But Paul over at Components of Enthusiasm beat me to the punch (and frankly, did a far better job than I would have with the feature) and did a great interview with the designer behind Porter Street Bags. I thought to myself, ‘maybe I should buy one of these bags before the word leaks out’, but even by this point, all six or so of the original bags were sold out. I was pretty disappointed.

So imagine my surprise in the middle of September when my girlfriend presented me with one of the original Porter Street bags (the “Slim Briefcase”) for my birthday! I was floored – it was an amazing present and probably one of the best things I’ve ever received.

I’ve spent a lot of time with the bag now, bringing it to work or the café, and really like how it looks. A lot of people go for the minimalist look, but often times that strips the personality away in an effort to keep things clean and sleek. Even though the Porter Street bags are simple in terms of the design and the colors, the personality shines through in the hand stitching and other personal details.

So here are a couple photos of my bag. Here’s hoping Dan at Porter Street cranks up the production soon – I think we’re all expecting big things from him.

From Porter Street

From Porter Street

From Porter Street

From Porter Street

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  1. I remember reading that article over at COE...looks like you got yourself a keeper (both the girl and the bag). I hope new stuff comes up soon because your post got me in the mood to cop one of these originals.