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Monday, October 12, 2009


Willy Neutkens' Collection of Important BMW Motorcycles

Willy Neutkens really loved BMW motorcycles.  So much so, that he basically collected almost every single model BMW made since 1923.  Unfortunately he passed away last year, and Bonhams is handling the dispersal sale of his collection.

I heard about the Bonhams sale through the FT Weekend edition and it seemed like something worth researching.  I tracked down some images, and man, it's a beautiful collection.

I once had a thing for vintage Triumphs until a motorcycle aficionado steered me away because of the high maintenance.  He said BMWs were a far better bet.  Since then I've gone back and forth between Triumph and BMW, but these pictures now put me firmly in the BMW camp.

The source of these pics is http://users.telenet.be/tups/neutkens.htm.  FYI, the Bonhams sale is set for the end of November. 

From BMW
R17 Series 1

From BMW

From BMW

From BMW

From BMW

From BMW

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