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Wednesday, October 21, 2009


(Write it!) - Unique Notebooks

My post on Black n’ Reds got me hooked on unique notebooks. While Moleskin has its fans, the ubiquity of the notebooks among the café-set turns me off from their products.

Here are a number of alternatives - all of them have character. Click on the images to go to the direct page.

Use them to write something great. 

eeBoo is a children's company - but I like the irreverence of this notebook

  The Italians produce many beautiful things - and this Ciak notebook is one of them

From Jack Spade.  I've used this as my notebook since 2006.  Great price too.

These Field Notes notebooks look like something from a Wes Anderson movie.  I mean that as the highest compliment. 

From AMH Designs.  You can make your own needlepoint or have them do it.  

 Paul Smith for Rhodia

I choo-choo-choose this travel journal from Papercup Design



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