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Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Bowdoin Style: Past and Present

From Bowdoin full color

As an alumnus and fan of style in general I was very happy to find a huge collection of Bowdoin College images in the Google/Life image archive.  In the early days of this site I even featured one of my favorite photos, thinking that it would become a recurring theme. It was cool to think about my old college in such stylish terms. 

Last Friday I was reading the student newspaper online and learned there is a new student fashion blog in the style of the Sartorialist, called Bowdoin Style.  The images are terrific, and I love the idea of promoting style on campus.

When I went to Bowdoin I loved dressing up for class and of course parties.  Maybe it was a bit out of place at the time, but I had as much fun thinking about the different blazer and loafer combinations I would wear as I did at the party itself.  Even during the day it bothered me somewhat that people would show up to an English class in sweatpants. Now, I realize the importance of comfort and the allure of sweats when you go to school in Maine, but college is an opportunity to try many things and it was frustrating that experimenting with personal style wasn't one of them for many students.

So it's comforting to see that not only that the students still care about style, but someone is there to document it and share it with others. 

Here are a few of my favorite pictures from Bowdoin Style


For good measure, here are a few more full color pictures of Bowdoin students from the Google/Life archive. Can some of my southern correspondents like Trip or L.A.S. comment on the hunting gear? Guns are totally out of my wheelhouse. 

From Bowdoin full color

From Bowdoin full color

From Bowdoin full color

From Bowdoin full color
Also - if anyone has that vintage "B" sweater floating around I would give my left arm for it. 

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I am currently knee deep in year 5 of my stay in the south and I will say that hunting gear can be quite pervasive on college campuses. During my years at WFU it was not uncommon to see camo, plaid and some type of hunting boot during a trek to class. Most was brought out during the emergence of fall and seemed much more important in terms of form than function. Bean duck boots for guys and Wellingtons for girls always popped up during inclement weather. I don't think any of my classmates were sitting around drinking beers and hunting on the weekends, but that didn't stop them from dressing like that was their plan.
Man, great post. I love posts like this.
Oh, and sorry, I missed the shout-out about hunting gear, but I appreciate it. Hunting stuff is really popular at Clemson. Being that Clemson is pretty much in the middle of nowhere, it is pretty easy for students to be able to go duck, deer, or turkey hunting the morning before heading to a 10:00 class. Bean Boots are pretty prevalent, and Barbours are not completely uncommon sites. When the weather starts turning cold, you see a lot more camo duck hunting jackets than you see wool buffalo check, though.
I wish I had the foresight to make a style blog when I was in college!

I love the Life picture of the student typing away while smoking a pipe! Classic!

L.A.S. turned me on to your blog. Great stuff!

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