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Friday, November 13, 2009


Fit for the Weekend: Presented by SI x DP

When I first found Lawrence's blog, Sartorially Inclined, it felt like I found a long lost style brother.  Minor differences aside (he wears a size 30 APC New Standard jean, I'm a 31), we have in commmon a love of finding great clothes and sharing our finds and thoughts with others. 

Lawrence is a lot like James Brown - the hardest working man in the business.  He consistently puts out great posts day in and day out and seems to have an unflaggable energy about him that comes through his writing.  Sart Inc has also developed a great sense of community in the past few months, as Lawrence provides thoughtful responses to each comment on his posts.

So when I thought about doing a collaborative project, Lawrence popped into my head immediately.  We batted around a few ideas over email, and came up with a collaborative head to toe post that as Lawrence described it, would be "fit for the weekend." Over email, Lawrence went first and selected the boots, and then I would respond with pants that I liked that went well with the boots.  You'll see how this works below.  It felt a lot like a clothing chess game, and we had a lot of fun putting it together and hope to do this a few times for you all. 

[Note: Items presented in the order in which they were compiled.]

Polo Ranger Boots...$153.00

Lawrence: You should have a pair of boots for F/W and you shouldn't have to pay upwards of $300 to get them.  I mean, they are going to get beat to shit anyway.  Polo's Ranger boot comes equipped with classic park ranger styling and look damn good.  A Moc toe, lug sole and buckle strap make this one of the best and affordable boots on the market.

LL Bean Double-Knee Katahdin Iron Works Pant...$49.00
Me: Whether or not you were knocking tin all morning or just hanging out on the weekend, a reinforced double-knee workpant is a useful addition to your wardrobe.  In addition to durability (triple stitching, bar-tacks), these pants give another choice for guys who too often are forced to make a boring choice between denim or khaki for their pants and feature a great price point of $50.  These pants by LL Bean will stay in style as long as they will last - which is to say - forever. 

Martin + Osa Washed Flannel York Plaid Shirt...$69.50
Lawrence: Martin + Osa is American Eagle's answer to J. Crew, except it's 10 bucks cheaper.  This flannel features some cool detailing (button-flap pockets, tabbed collar, seam gussets), a trim fit, and a real easy price-point.  Wear it while doing yard work or throw it on before you head out for the night.  It'll look good either way.

Patagonia Synchilla Vest...$75.00

Me: Both functional and effortlessly cool, this classic by Patagonia kicks up your outfit a notch and is perfect for fall or spring days.  When it gets really cold, layer up and wear it underneath your jacket.  Though the "Patagucci" moniker is earned for its pricey gear, if you pony up $75 for this vest you'll get yourself a quality garment that will be used year in and year out.

Orient Quartz Alarm Chronograph Red...$150.00

Lawrence: This Japanese watch maker has been producing watches since 1950, though they just recently entered the US market.  Good thing they did because you are not going to find a cooler looking watch for under $200.  Everyone, including myself, has been telling you to grab a black face watch, but try this instead.  Simple yet classy, this watch (and black leather band) will dress up any rugged weekend gear.  And most importantly, it looks 3 times more expensive than it actually is.


have been seriously eyeing those double kneed pants for a while. just want to see them live. if it is "go" then my carhartts should be worried. (though xmas list might have double kneed filson's$$ http://www.filson.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2171453&cp=)
Love this. Please keep doing it, guys. I'm telling myself not to get out my credit card and hunt these down . . .

I especially like the pants. I'm really learning to appreciate the non-khaki side of life lately.

The only thing that gives me pause: The Polo logos on the boots. A shame, because those are outstanding otherwise. The color is perfect. It's the brown that boots really should be, but never are. The reviews on these at Zappo's are pretty entertaining.
Great detail on the boots.
Moc toe = Instant Classic!
Guys - thanks for the comments. Really - much appreciated. We're working on round two for you all. Look for it this Friday.

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