Thursday, November 26, 2009

Have a Go-To-Hell Holiday

Holidays - like Summers - are always a good excuse to break out the Go-To-Hell gear.  More than a few have caught my eye recently.

Always good to find clothes with a sense of humor. 

Rugby by Ralph Lauren Slippers

(via Kempt)

Ralph Lauren Embroidered Striped Shirt

(via Selectism)

Mister Mort's F-U Club Tie
Seen at the Pop Up Flea

(via The Trad)

Brooks Brothers Clark Fit Tartan Plaid Pants

Ralph Lauren Embroidered Corduroy Pant (On Sale)


  1. Be still my heart - - Those Rugby slippers are amazing and of course only available in France. How the heck did you find them?

  2. I REALLY like the St. Bernard pants. I have the tie shirt and jacket as in the photo. Resisting the urge to splurge.

  3. Tintin - Wish I could say I was digging and digging but they popped up in my RSS feed via Kempt.

    Adam - So am I. These slim fit cords are even cheaper and I'm thinking about pulling the trigger.

  4. The slippers rock but the pants are a close 2nd-both. xoxo


  5. Those slippers are hot! Only available in france? what a waste the french could never pull these off.

  6. It's the slippers all the way. First you see the tartan, then the Hunter, then you notice the mallard being knocked out of the air. The only thing missing is the lab on the heel bringing home the waterfowl.