Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Maine Nor'easter - Part 1

Over the weekend the girlfriend and I went up to Maine to her family’s beachhouse around Kennebunk as we wanted to get in a weekend of relaxation before the holiday crazies set in. The weather, though, was a totally different story – as we endured a (smallish) Nor’easter.

It was as pleasant as Nor’easters come – enough to whip up the waves and toss a few rocks on the road, but nothing to make you fear for your safety. Feeling the need to explore a bit we took the car down Ocean Ave and captured a number of good photos of the storm.

The view off Ocean Ave on the side closer to Kennebunkport. I liked how the stillness of the surroudings constrasted with the waves crashing hard.

Surfers taking advantage of the killer waves. The Colony out in the distance in the first two photos from the set.

I don’t surf (the gf does) but even with my limited knowledge I could appreciate the good waves. It was pretty cool to think all these guys hopped in their cars and trucks during a Nor’easter with the same thing on their mind.

Out near Walker's Point. The waves were epic, brah.

Funny how in the midst of all the gray these colors totally popped out. I've seen this before a few times but it seemed like the right time to document it. Came right at the end of the car right too.

More photos at the Picasa page


  1. Intense weather. I'm not a suffer myself, but these pics have me feeling pretty radical dude.

  2. Great set of pics, I used to visit Kennebunkport in the Summer (overdue for a return visit) and heard about the nasty winter weather from the locals.