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Monday, November 30, 2009


The Medium is the Messenger

I love taking pictures of the quirky things in my West Village neighborhood - especially the vehicles.  Here's another for you.

This bicycle is usually parked out either in front of Cafe Cluny or Smorgas on West 12th and West 4th, though I remember seeing it on Perry Street last year.  The decorations change with the seasons: right now we're in Autumnal mode.

At the moment, stripped down fixed-gear bikes are very popular in Manhattan. I see the appeal of these bicycles and at times I've considered getting one myself.  However the parade of minimalist two-wheelers gets a little repetitive at times.

That's why I like the unapologetic-over-the-topness of this particular bicycle. Sometimes you need a little flair when traveling through Manhattan.  Note the streamers. 

If you are going to bicycle for peace, you can't just bop around in any old neighborhood beater. You do yourself a favor and you step up your decorating game. This isn't amateur hour - this is the West Village and you need to decorate hard or go home.  

See all the photos at my Picasa page (Bicycling for Peace) 

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