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Monday, November 2, 2009


Porter Street Bags - New Gear Available

From my previous coverage, it is no surprise that I am a fan of Dan's work at Porter Street Bags.  They are simple, stylish, well made and easy on the wallet. 

I checked in with Dan over the weekend to inquire about the status of any new bags, and he let me know he had just made two new bags available for sale.  

These things don't last quickly - so consider this your head's up to get in on some high quality, made in the USA gear before anyone else. 

From the looks of it, Dan's honed his craft a bit more these past months and included some cool linings into his already well designed bags. 

Chubby Briefcase
LxWxH: 17x8x12 (inches)

I like the option to use the nylon handles to carry or toss over your shoulder with the strap.  My Lehman Brothers bag has this feature and it's pretty helpful.

LxWxH: 13x13x24 (inches)

Waxed cotton and leather base.  Classic camper look.  Pretty much a steal at $100. 

Head over to Porter Street Bags for more pics.  Like I said, these things sell out pretty quickly so it's worth pulling the trigger on the purchase before anyone else grabs one.  

You can also checkout a review of the Slim Briefcase I own from Porter Street Bags.  I highly recommend this stuff. 

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This stuff is so amazing. What a talented guy Dan is. You looking into adding to your collection?
I'm letting the AmEx card take a breather this month man. Otherwise I'd be all over it. You should jump in on one of these, though.
If I wasn't trying to cut back myself, I would be all over that chubby (wow, that sounded suspect).

Since I doubt you are in the market for a new pair of jeans (if my memory serves me properly you just got a new pair of new standards) you probably don't need these, but check 'em out.


Inspiration, admiration and envy. Best item i've ever seen on Esty.
Those jeans are really nice. I checked out their other stuff and the blazer is insane. Absolutely beautiful. I might have to leave Manhattan to check these people out.

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