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Tuesday, November 24, 2009


A Second Pass on the Pop Up Flea

As I mentioned in Sunday's post, I didn't quite touch upon everything from the Pop Up Flea the first time around.

So in the spirit of Thanksgiving consider this your second helping.

Billykirk isn't my thing - but I know some people enjoy their work - so here are some shots of their leather gear.

I had a good talk with the guys from Epaulet. To be honest, I wasn't that familiar with their store (had no idea it had a physical location in Brooklyn).  Lawrence had referenced them a few times but it really didn't click until I checked out their goods in person. 

I was impressed with their take on the Alden Indy boot.  The original Alden Indy is a little rough around the edges for my tastes, but this version is a thoughtful take that adds some polish to a classic item. 

Their ties were sweet looking and had a great price point of $60. I mentioned that the multi-colored tie (second from the right) reminded me of one of my favorites from J. Press and learned that it's basically an updated version of it from the same factory, except in a slimmer width.  I don't gush over product often, but if there is one article of clothing there that hit the "disaffected prep" aesthetic it was this tie. Nice work guys.

Just wrapping up my thoughts on the weekend - I can see how some people would walk into the flea and be put off by $200 workshirt shirts and $350 work boots.  You know what?  That's not my bag either.  However, I thought the place offered a pretty diverse selection of goods and an opportunity to meet and greet both the clothing in person and the folks behind it.  As my friend Adam mentioned, they even had beer.

Personally I didn't spend any money, but I did get inspiration for new looks and was introduced to a new brand and a new store.  I can understand some of the backlash on the workwear stuff, but having fun at the flea is pretty easy to do if you don't get grumpy on the gear that's not in your sartorial wheelhouse.

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Not a Billykirk fan; a shame, Varley. I stumbled across their stuff a few months ago; I wish I could justify a greater percentage of their work in my wardrobe. I look at these photos and wish I'd made it in to the Pop-Up Flea. I've become an intermittently regular reader; I hope all is well and, please, keep on keeping me informed.
Hear, Hear on the PUF piece!
Epaulet is the best. I can't wait to finally get to the store in person and meet the fellas behind it.
Haha thanks for checking in Mike. Yeah, I can see their stuff being up your alley. You should also check out Tanner which was in the previous post. Keep reading man, thanks.
GREAT shots. I really like the ties, as well as the refined Indy boot. Well done.
Thanks JRS - I kicked myself for not taking my camera to the first flea. I brought it the second time around so that you guys could get a peek into the goings-on in NYC. Glad you enjoyed.
"Sartorial Wheelhouse" you should trademark that. Great photos.

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