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Saturday, November 7, 2009


So a guy walks into a (Presbyterian) Bazaar...

...and long story short, walks out with a Ralph Lauren Polo glenplaid suit for $40.

But let's rewind.

I took a stroll around Fifth Avenue in the 50's, looking for inspiration - and as usual in New York - it dropped into my lap.

From Bazaar

5th Avenue Presbyterian Bazaar? Sign me up. Even if I walked away with some baked goods I knew I would find something cool. (Only had my cell phone with me, so all the pics are from the cell).

From Bazaar
The scene outside. Balloons = Presbyterian Party inside

From Bazaar
The scene inside. This was just a fraction of the overall goods available.

Naturally, I made my way towards the men's clothing.  Given area uptown, I sort of expected to bump into The Trad or something.

It's no secret that you can find high quality clothing at thrift shops and goodwill stores in affluent areas.  I figured I had a high probability of hitting paydirt.


From Bazaar

Bingo. This was a Brioni double-breasted suit. The price you ask? $50.  Had I not found a Ralph Lauren glenplaid suit (photos forthcoming in a later post), I would have snagged the Brioni.

From Bazaar
Those guys knew what they were doing when they put Bob in charge of the men's fashion boutique. Dude knew how to dress.  The message the Presbyterians wanted to send?  Buy some of our stuff and you might look as good as Bob.  Maybe.

Tough to tell, but his shoes were phenomenal. Also - totally cool with having his picture taken for the blog.  Awesome.

From Bazaar
Dug this vintage EMS sweater. $15.

From Bazaar
Christian Dior for about $10.

In the end, I gladly parted with $40 and gave it to Bob and the Presbyterian Church.  So it's a win-win: Bob & Team replenish their coffers, and I build up my wardrobe.  Good deal.

Suit in the process of being altered by my tailor (LNC Custom Tailor in Chinatown).  Will post pictures later on. 


You are one lucky bastard. Just reaffirms that I need to get the hell outta Charlotte.
Great Sweater!
L - Tradeoffs man. I live in a tiny studio but totally worth it. love it here.

Skip - thanks bud.
So do I ever need to avoid brown shoes with a gray suit? I tend to prefer keeping things safe and a little more monochromatic, but this guy looks good. I think the shoes pull some color from the tie, bringing the whole thing together. Of course, it's relatively easy to look good when you resemble a cross between Bob Barker and Jay Sherman's father from The Critic . . .

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