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Thursday, December 24, 2009


Fit for the Weekend (Holiday) IV: Presented by SI x DP

You know what's better than the Holidays?  Trick question: nothing.

Home Alone. National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.  Presents.  Getting away with wearing ridiculous clothing for a night.  Seriously, it's all pretty sweet. 

For our fourth collaboration, Lawrence and I went with a holiday theme.  Lawrence said it best so let me quote him: "There is a strong chance that you hate this outfit and that's alright.  It never hurts to have a little bit of fun at someone else's expense, sartorial or otherwise."

For the uninitiated: Lawrence and I bounce back an item of clothing to each other over the course of the week until we have a complete outfit. Each person's descriptions are below.

[Note: Items presented in the order in which they were compiled]

Gucci Loafer ...$495

Me: The classic Gucci loafer you see most Wall Street Brosephs rocking has an enormous heel that looks like the risers Tom Cruise probably wears. Not Cool. Instead, try these loafers with a slimmer heel that befits the whole nonchalance attitude personified by the Gucci loaf. The blue is a subtle twist to the red you usually see as well.

Bonobos Legnogs...$195

Lawrence: If you want to be the good kind of obnoxious (the bad kind begins with an Ed and ends with a Hardy) you need a pair of pants like these. Even if you only wear your "holiday pants" once a year you need to come with something respectable. Pendleton wool is as respectable as it gets and Bonobos brings the goods.

Tucker Blair Frosty Needlepoint Belt...$80

Me: Sometimes awesomeness does not need explanation. This is one of those times. Tucker's price for needlepoint belts is excellent too.

Brooks Brothers Black Fleece Round Collar Shirt...$112.50

Lawrence: With every other part of your holiday ensemble getting awesomely out of hand, use this classic club collar shirt as a muted base. Just remember that ven a batshit Picasso painting started on a blank canvas.

Hermes Silk Tie...$170

Me: If you are some BSD Managing Director of a bank I guess you could buy and wear any tie you want. Us mortals still toiling away in the salt miles of cubeville (Equities in Dallas!) can only reach for luxury once in awhile. When you do, go Hermes. Beautifully classic and tasteful, and not nearly as nouveau as those ties Ferragamo slings. Now get back to making your pitchbook.


Wednesday, December 23, 2009


The Fun Shirt Doesn't Die

Gilt.com had a sale today on Brooks Brothers Black Fleece, which is always interesting as it never fails to spotlight some of Mr. Browne's wilder creations. Of course I was interested in the most bonkers example - and found it here:

The Brooks Brothers "Fun Shirt" - as a suit! Love it!

Check the trou!

It made me realize - I've seen a lot of "Fun Shirt" inspired pieces floating around recently.  

Because the fun shirt doesn't die - it just multiplies.

Here's a rundown of the fundown.

Mister Crew recently highlighted an engineered garments fun shirt (above). Because heritage sometimes needs to have fun, too.

Mark McNairy is also in on the fun shirt game, as chronicled by A Continuous Lean.  

The first image is a thift store find ($2!) by The Trad, and the second is a Brooks Brothers version that he notes is uncannily similar. 

I swear I've seen another fun shirt floating around by a pretty mainstream (i.e. J. Crew) outfit too, but I can't find it now.  Anyone else see anything recently?


Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Fried laptop

Typing this with my itouch at the moment. My laptop basically died on me tonight - so posts will probably be sporadic for the time being. On the upside I have a slew of story ideas that are more research intensive, so please stay tuned as I work on them. It involves essays, store visits, factory visits, travel photos, and unique library research. I am really excited just thinking about it all. I think it will bring the site to the next level soon.

But I can't do much posting until this thing gets fixed.
Thanks for your patience. -Dan


Sunday, December 13, 2009


Welcome to the working week

I recently had a conversation recently where I was asked about what I wanted to be when I was a kid.  I tossed the question around in my head for a bit and realized that - well - I always wanted to be a businessman. 

Maybe it was standing on the platform of the Summit train station at 7am with all the suits as I wanted with my fellow students for the train to take us to prep school.  Maybe it was the BusinessWeek subscription at my house - it could be anything, really. 

So for those reasons and perhaps others, I find elements of "work culture" endlessly fascinating.  Pictures of mainframe computers, corporate letterhead, stories of barbarians at the gate, you name it - I'm interested.

As we move more and more to "open offices" and "flexible schedules" where you work from home (all with their merits), I've increasingly become interested in the aesthetics of desk spaces.  Michael Williams of A Continuous Lean has covered this area pretty well.

Perhaps because of the new year around the corner, perpetual calendars keep popping up in my head as an item of aesthetic interest. 

Here are a few perpetual calendars that have caught my eye recently on Etsy.  Perfect stocking stuffer for that special corporate lackey on your Christmas list.

(From timelessNchic - $17.95)

(from vintageavacado - $22.00)

(from sweetshorn - SOLD)

(from luckylittledot - $30.00)
 (from luckylittledot - $28.00)

 (from everyeskimo - $32.00)


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Monday, December 7, 2009


Kennebunkport Christmas

Even after a long day witnessing the Kennebunkport Hat Parade and drinking white hot chocolate at the Port Bakery, the sight of the season's first snowfall energized me and my girlfriend as we took a drive out from the beach to the center of Kennebunkport to see the town lit up on the first Saturday night of Christmas Prelude.  I love night photography too, so the evening gave me an opportunity to practice with the Nikon. 

The holiday spirit didn't set in officially for me until I witnessed the town at night, so hopefully these pictures will do the same for you. 

The sight as we hopped behind the wheel.  Borrowed the wheels from my folks for the weekend - the all-wheel drive comes in handy in these situations.

The tree in the center of town.  Note the lobster.

The window display of Port Canvas - a local Maine company I've written about before on this site.

Many of the shops are on a second floor deck of the port.  I loved the lighting along the stairs and the fact that the only footprints visible were our own.

I'm not sure what they serve at the restaurant, but it looks incredibly warm.

Lilly Pulitzer MATCHES.  They sell for $8.95.  Her brand extension is worse than Ed Hardy's.

Lobster ornaments on the town's Christmas tree. 

The lobster theme continues unabated: Cape Porpoise's Lobster Trap Christmas Tree

See all the pictures at my Picasa page (Kennebunkport Christmas 2009)


Sunday, December 6, 2009


I'm hip about time

I really enjoyed this song from the Fiery Furnaces new album when I heard it a few months ago as it got heavy play on WOXY.

Now they just released the video and it is killer take on Easy Rider.  Great song, great movie.

Watch "Even in the Rain" below. 


Saturday, December 5, 2009


Fit for the Weekend III: Presented by SI x DP

Apologies for the delay, but as this week's head-to-toe collaboration between Sartorially Inclined and myself suggest, traveling has been a recurring theme for me recently. The upside to the delay is that I'm in Maine for the weekend again, and should have another set of pictures to feature in the coming days on the site.

For the uninitiated to our "fit for the weekend" feature, Lawrence from Sartorially Inclined and myself bounce back an item of clothing to each via email other over the course of the week until we have a complete outfit. Each person's descriptions are below.

[Note: Items presented in the order in which they were compiled.]

Clarks Wallabees...$115.00

Lawrence: What can I say about Wallys that I haven't already? There's nothing like a shoe with some heft to anchor your kit. Neat roll your denim and let it casually fall over a pair of these, untied for some of that invaluable sprezzatura. If you're gonna go Wally, you've got to go low top and sand suede.

Naked & Famous Slim Guy Chino Selvedge Denim...$145.00

Me: Pairing khaki with Clarks is a look I picked up in college. Love the look - but I'm partial to the heavyweight feel of selvedge denim so I usually end up throwing on a pair of jeans. These N&F selvedge jeans bridge the gap, combining sweet looks with the feel and comfort you expect from Denim. Decent price for selvedge, too.

Land's End Canvas Shawl Collar Sweater...$69.50

Lawrence: The price is almost as great as the look...trim and grey, not to mention 100% cotton so you're not scratching away while your flight's delayed. Say what you want about Land's End taking a page out of J. Crew's recent success, but I think we have a case of one-upmanship on our hands here. Who can argue with classics priced this well?

Port Canvas Long Range Cruiser...$100.00

Me: It's the holiday season and naturally many people are traveling. That means tossing all the great clothes that you've picked up from Dan and Lawrence's suggestions and visiting some folks you haven't seen in awhile. I'm suggesting this sturdy bag from Port Canvas (Made in the USA) to haul your gear. It won't make you feel like a jock for using a branded gym bag or an blackberry-clutching consultant porting Tumi.

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Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Thanksgiving Mix 2009

Keith Richards and Gram Parsons - Photo from TSY

The only thing better than making mix tapes is giving them to someone who appreciates them.

I try to put together a mix tape every few months for my girlfriend and she does the same thing for me.  A little bit precious, yes, but a great way to communicate new bands and sounds to someone you care about.  (awww...)

Here are a couple of songs that I liked from the last mix I put together for Thanksgiving.  I'm using players to stream the songs from LaLa so if you are reading this post in an RSS reader you probably need to come to the site since it relies on Flash.  I'm also linking the legal downloads where appropriate.

This mix skews towards recently released indie.  The old saw regarding writing about music (dancing about architecture) I think is pretty true, so I'll do my best to keep it to a one sentence description and a similar band so you can dip your toes into sound before you start streaming.  

Freelance Whales - Generator First Floor (Download)

You know that Ronald Reagan television ad campaign "Morning in America" where everyone is happy and getting ready to work on the farm and raising American flags - well - this mines the same exact feeling except I call it "Morning in Williamsburg, Brooklyn."  Good if you like Sufjan Stevens.   

Generator ^ First Floor - Free...

The Dirtbombs - Sherlock Holmes

The Dirtbombs buzz-saw guitar attack manages to sound both sweet and menacing, aggressive and diplomatic.  Good if you like the Black Keys.  

Sherlock Holmes - The Dirtbomb...

Sleigh Bells - Crown on the Ground

Pop hooks and electro-guitar fuzz.  Good if you like listening to RATATAT or The Yeah Yeah Yeah's through blown-out speakers.  

Sleigh Bells "Crown on the Ground" LIVE at Le Poisson Rouge NYC from AbzPunkPhoto on Vimeo.

Girls - Lust for Life

This song is getting a lot of hype and you may have already heard it - but how can you not like a song that says, "I wish I had a Pizza and bottle of wine"? Listen if you like Pavement, but wish they were more coherent sometimes.

Lust For Life - Girls


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