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Saturday, December 5, 2009


Fit for the Weekend III: Presented by SI x DP

Apologies for the delay, but as this week's head-to-toe collaboration between Sartorially Inclined and myself suggest, traveling has been a recurring theme for me recently. The upside to the delay is that I'm in Maine for the weekend again, and should have another set of pictures to feature in the coming days on the site.

For the uninitiated to our "fit for the weekend" feature, Lawrence from Sartorially Inclined and myself bounce back an item of clothing to each via email other over the course of the week until we have a complete outfit. Each person's descriptions are below.

[Note: Items presented in the order in which they were compiled.]

Clarks Wallabees...$115.00

Lawrence: What can I say about Wallys that I haven't already? There's nothing like a shoe with some heft to anchor your kit. Neat roll your denim and let it casually fall over a pair of these, untied for some of that invaluable sprezzatura. If you're gonna go Wally, you've got to go low top and sand suede.

Naked & Famous Slim Guy Chino Selvedge Denim...$145.00

Me: Pairing khaki with Clarks is a look I picked up in college. Love the look - but I'm partial to the heavyweight feel of selvedge denim so I usually end up throwing on a pair of jeans. These N&F selvedge jeans bridge the gap, combining sweet looks with the feel and comfort you expect from Denim. Decent price for selvedge, too.

Land's End Canvas Shawl Collar Sweater...$69.50

Lawrence: The price is almost as great as the look...trim and grey, not to mention 100% cotton so you're not scratching away while your flight's delayed. Say what you want about Land's End taking a page out of J. Crew's recent success, but I think we have a case of one-upmanship on our hands here. Who can argue with classics priced this well?

Port Canvas Long Range Cruiser...$100.00

Me: It's the holiday season and naturally many people are traveling. That means tossing all the great clothes that you've picked up from Dan and Lawrence's suggestions and visiting some folks you haven't seen in awhile. I'm suggesting this sturdy bag from Port Canvas (Made in the USA) to haul your gear. It won't make you feel like a jock for using a branded gym bag or an blackberry-clutching consultant porting Tumi.

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