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Monday, December 7, 2009


Kennebunkport Christmas

Even after a long day witnessing the Kennebunkport Hat Parade and drinking white hot chocolate at the Port Bakery, the sight of the season's first snowfall energized me and my girlfriend as we took a drive out from the beach to the center of Kennebunkport to see the town lit up on the first Saturday night of Christmas Prelude.  I love night photography too, so the evening gave me an opportunity to practice with the Nikon. 

The holiday spirit didn't set in officially for me until I witnessed the town at night, so hopefully these pictures will do the same for you. 

The sight as we hopped behind the wheel.  Borrowed the wheels from my folks for the weekend - the all-wheel drive comes in handy in these situations.

The tree in the center of town.  Note the lobster.

The window display of Port Canvas - a local Maine company I've written about before on this site.

Many of the shops are on a second floor deck of the port.  I loved the lighting along the stairs and the fact that the only footprints visible were our own.

I'm not sure what they serve at the restaurant, but it looks incredibly warm.

Lilly Pulitzer MATCHES.  They sell for $8.95.  Her brand extension is worse than Ed Hardy's.

Lobster ornaments on the town's Christmas tree. 

The lobster theme continues unabated: Cape Porpoise's Lobster Trap Christmas Tree

See all the pictures at my Picasa page (Kennebunkport Christmas 2009)


How did I not make the connection...Lily Pulitzer is preppy Ed Hardy. Amazing observation Dan.
Two thoughts: 1. Thank goodness Lilly doesn't have wine yet as Ed Hardy does.
2. The first canvas d ring belt I ever got was from Port Canvas. Picking the webbing color, ribbon and design, I thought I was the total prepster shit.
beautiful shots my man, definitely bringing back some major christmas spirits haha. you even have the chinese loving your stuff haha
Gorgeous shots. And hey now--I agree Lilly has taken the branding a tad far lately. But I have those matches. And every time I use them to light the illegal candle in my room in the sorority house, my quality of life is slightly enhanced :)

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