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Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Study Session: NYPL

I've tapered down the posts a bit for two reasons - my laptop is broken again, and I'm in the midst of studying for the Level II CFA exam in June. Yes for you non-finance people who don't understand my pain, it is January and I'm knee-deep in derivatives and other lovely things. I started studying in December.

Studying for the CFA is like a marathon, so I mix up my study spots a lot between my place of work, my apartment in the west village, cafes, and libraries. I like studying at the New York Public Library on 42nd street because there is a grandiose feeling every time you walk through the doors. Whatever you are doing, no matter how inconsequential, suddenly has weight.

This past Saturday I brought my camera to document the study session.

I usually camp out towards the back as it offers an expansive view of the whole room. Here is my view from the table.

Crouched down to take this picture. Sometimes it amazes me to see everyone so dilligently studying. Everything from the CFA (you'll see half the room with Schweser prep books come May..) to LSAT/Bar exam or Med school. It's equally impressive and sad to see so many bright young people spending their day off studying.

I liked how this shot lined with the dude below the clock.

My trusty HP 12-C. This is a big boy calculator. Don't try to push that TI-BA II junk on me. RPN all the way brah.

Outside of the main reading room. The woman with the shocking red hair at the desk has an only-in-new-york level of grandeur. She's usually there on Saturdays.

Another view. I liked the balance of this shot.

Thanks for sticking with me and thank you to everyone who has written me - it means a lot to hear from you.

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Every new DP post is like a breath of fresh air. These pics looks amazing Dan, well done. I'm extremely impressed that you have already passed the level I portion since all my friends who took that got raped by it.
good luck dan!
Geez, I've never balanced my check book. Great images and a great site. I need to get over here more often. Keep up the good work and thanks for the heads up on those Rugby slippers. Snagged a pair today.
As my son did a CPA and then subsequently law school and the New York bar I have some appreciation of how tough it is.....good luck.....nice pics particularly the red headed diva.
What is it about the HP12C that is so endearing, once you get to know it? The iPhone calc has a kinda similar color scheme, which I assume is based off Dieter Rams so...
Big boy calculator followed by the word "brah".
A funny contradiction - I believe in The Day After Tomorrow, which 'takes place' in the New York Public Library, they burn books on tax law. Anyhow, good luck with studying. Just stumbled across your blog, glad I did.

Did you see the Ghostbusters come in?
by the way what type of camera do you shot with?
I have a Nikon D60. Just started out and it is a good camera to learn on.

There were no ghostbusters. I wish.

Regarding the HP12C comments I hope to put up a post soon on its enduring application.

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