Sunday, February 21, 2010

Study Session: ACE Hotel NYC

As mentioned before, the CFA Level II exam has sucked up a lot of my free hours so I've tried to be efficient about my time.  Studying on the train?  Duh.  Studying while eating?  Yeah, done that.  Studying while cooking?  Sad to say, but yes. 

This Saturday I decided to bring my Nikon with me to the ACE Hotel in New York to brush up on some fixed-income valuation while taking pretty pictures of the fashion blogs' unofficial hotel chain.  This is the second time I've taken photos while studying (my shots of the NYPL are here), so I guess I've inadvertently kicked off a series called Study Sessions. 

The photos are a nice antidote to the mind-numbing hours spent with my nose in a book, and I think the tension from studying and subsequent artistic release forms to create some interesting photographs. 

The ACE hotel lobby is very dark so I used long exposures (2.5 sec+). I like the warmth of the photos that came out. I took most of the shots from level desks or bookcase shelves to steady the shot.  I'm no expert and I'm still getting the handle on manual modes.  

My main vantage point for most of the morning.

Sometimes after drinking some Stumptown coffee and eating a hot-cross bun from the Breslin, you just want to play Battleship.  I understand that.  

Can't remember now, but I believe these were Edison lightbulbs that illuminated the back of the bookcases.

Took this from one of their bookshelves that was about seven feet off the ground.

Studying at the ACE is like studying at the New York Public Library, except with better coffee, food, music, scenery, and people watching. Other than that it is pretty similar.

The "Foster" shot. APC NS and Bean bluchers.

Probably my favorite shot of the morning.

See all the photos: ACE Hotel on Picasa


  1. Great pictures! Good luck on the exam.

    I love how the "look down blucher picture" is now offically called the "Foster" shot.

  2. I wish I had to dutifully study for hours and hours there now too!


  3. Great work. These photos and the ones of the NYPL are excellent.