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Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Takeru Kobayashi: Competitive Eater, Sartorial Icon

Takeru Kobayashi recently broke the world record for number of meatballs eaten in one minute (for those keeping track, the figure is 29 if you feel like challenging him) in DUMBO, NYC. 

However, that is not what I found notable.  While reading the story and watching the accompanying video, I was struck by just how well Kobayashi was dressed for the occassion.  Shawl collar sweater, khaki pants, a hipster scarf (nod to Brooklyn?) and what appears to be a desert boot.  Nice kit, as my friend Lawrence would say.


Kobayashi burning some cals before taking 29 IKEA meaballs to the dome. Check the khaki, shawl collar sweater and boot combo. When you are at the top of your game in competitive eating, you might as well look good doing it.

All photos courtsey of DumboNYC Flickr


Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Bowdoin vs. Amherst, 1970

I've been on a eBay tear the past few months, scooping up vintage Bowdoin College (my alma mater) related memorabilia.  The quality of goods for sale has increased remarkably and I've picked up some amazing finds - including a college pamphlet/brochure from the 1940's that is filled with stunning photography.

I plan on posting/scanning all these finds, and first up is a football program versus fellow NESCAC college, Amherst, in 1970.

I find this program fascinating as it is only a few years after the hey day of the "Take Ivy" movement, but already you start to see guys growing out their hair and developing some sideburns.  It is pretty cool to compare this to a program from 1966 that I also have scanned and will post soon - you can see the amount of upheaval the country was going in those four short years just based on people's haircuts.

Bowdoin staff.  I believe they still make those Bowdoin Ath. Dept. sweatshirts.  Legendary coach Sid Watson on the far right.

Amherst's coaching staff, looking no less dapper.

The Polar Bears in 1970!

Lastly, couldn't resist this vintage ad for L.L. Bean for all you heritage-heads out there. L.L.'s grandson and L.L. Bean Chairman of the Board, Leon Gorman, is Bowdoin class of 1956.  I had no idea the store was 24 hours a day even back in 1970. 



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