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Thursday, August 26, 2010


Assouline Fall Preview

The Plaza, New York City
August 24, 2010
Assouline Fall Preview

You are a fan of books of art, fashion, and design that are themselves a work of art, fashion and design. (1)

From Assouline

From Assouline
You are aware that Assouline operates a boutique inside the Plaza Hotel, and shop there on occasion...

From Assouline
...to outfit your handsome library that is filled with ecclectic art, fashion, and design titles such as the above (though without all the duplicate copies)

From Assouline
As a cultivated gentleman, you know Proust does not rhyme with Faust

From Assouline
You are not the kind of guy who would normally spring $550 on a limited edition, hand bound 25th anniversary restrospective of Tommy Hilfiger's work, but then again, you know how to pronounce Proust correctly so clearly you have attained some level of cultural refinement and possibly material comfort. (2)

From Assouline
Surrounded by such lovely folios, you feel particularly Romantic and frame a scene resembling a Casper David Friedrich painting. (3)

(1) As you can tell I'm employing the second person narrative here.  This was an event sponsored by Assouline and they invited me to attend, and I'm still wringing my hands over how to present this linguistically without resorting to introductory cliches like, "Well I swung by the Plaza on Tuesday night," or (my absolute least favorite) "The fine folks at XYZ Company invited me..."  So after more time staring at my blank notepad than I care to admit, I found the second person narrative to be my least worst option. 

My frustration with the aforementioned cliches stems from the two narrative paths that they lead you down.  Either you you completely obscure the fact that it was a press/media event and appear to have stumbled upon it like the lost city of Atlantis, OR completely come out of the gate with your hands up and fess up to the reader that the story originated from the PR team of a given firm.  Now it may seem that the latter option is more honest, though in some ways I think it is stylistically abhorant as seems to collapse the wall between the reader and the company that was formerly served by the writer.

I'm completely aware that I may lapse into one of these two cliches in the future.

(2) Jay MacInerney probably is not a fan of excessive footnoting (he gave an umimpressed review of DFW's Infinite Jest), so I'm finding the juxstaposition of his first eight lines from Bright Lights Big City and an explanatory footnote pretty amusing. 

(3) The name checking continues.  I blame it on the books; they put me in a haute culture mood.


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