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Sunday, November 7, 2010


Marathon Met Sunday

Today I decided to head over to the Met to get inspiration for a creative project I've broken ground on - and in the process catch a glimpse of the marathon runners meandering their way through the final turns of Central Park. This dude had the same idea, except he ran the marathon and then decided to check out some art.  Exercise the body and mind, you know? 

Love, love, love, love this photo. She was checking out the race from a knoll and had the space all to herself.  She looks very content and at peace with herself, and that is something to which I aspire. 

It was this very Whitmanian moment when you see random strangers cheering on other random strangers. Actually, very beautiful. Love how everyone is angling themselves here.

Sanitation trucks idling, blocking one of the roads for the marathon.

This is a closeup of the frame of Paul Cezanne's "Dish of Apples". The frame was so fantastically ornate I wasn't able to resist inspecting it closer.

Pleasant surprise of the day was this contemporary installation by Katrin Sigurdardottir. She recreates period rooms down to the last detail and gives you very close access, but the implication is still "look, but don't touch," which dovetails with the viewer's relationship with most artwork in museums. Her extensive use of mirrors within the installation is meant to further frustrate the viewer, who can see the room refracted into infinity, but still cannot see themselves placed within it.

An interior view of the installation through one of the windows.


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