Wednesday, December 1, 2010

New Original Song - Keats Had It Wrong

I don't talk about it much (probably because I'm too self-critical) but I'm a guitar player (...and poet as well, but we'll get to that project later.)

Anyway, I recently invested in some hardware and software so I can record into my laptop (for the guitar - not the poetry). My first effort is below in the embedded mp3 file.  Before anyone asks, the song is all original and the guitar parts are me as well.

Here is the direct link for download too.

The song is called "Keats Had It Wrong," and it's instrumental for now.  The rhythm riff is in open G tuning, and when I was struggling with the lyrics I decided record over some solo ideas, and ended up with this version in one take.  I liked it so much I decided to keep it instrumental, though eventually it may live on in a slightly different form with lyrics. 

The rhythm riff is played with a Danelectro and the soloing is on my '61 Gibson SG.  Percussion is pre-recorded audio. 

I really like the rhythm riff at 2:44 as it's this blend of Rolling Stones sound with the chugging rhythm of the Strokes.  The song name comes from some lyrics I was batting around for the 2:44 mark as well.  Specifically, "And what if John Keats had it wrong / That beauty isn't truth but pain transformed?" There's a Greek term that I think applies here -- Pathei Mathos -- but that would be a horrible name for a rock song. 

Anyway, I wanted to record something upbeat, something fast and loose and catchy in a fist-pumping way.  Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.  More stuff in the pipeline.