Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Portrait of a College During the "Present Crisis" [Part I]

Off eBay a few months ago I pulled a 1940's era Bowdoin College guidebook for prospective students, thinking I would find pictures of students, their activities and their clothing to be interesting.  Certainly the case - but I forgot it was the era of the War as well, and was surprised to find pictures of ground and flight instruction, as well as a class on Aeronautics.  Amazing how the effects of World War II can permeate an idyllic campus, as these scans show.  (Part I of II)

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  1. This also reminds me of my current LAC where everyone complains about how the health services are so damn far away. Apparently the site was constructed during the Spanish Influenza era, so it's actually really interesting to see how different circumstances can shape the school.