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Sunday, April 3, 2011


The Greatest Invention Since the High Five: Thanks, Bro Beef Jerky & Beer Delivery

Thanks, Bro Beef Jerky & Beer Delivery 
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There have a number of great inventions in the history of bros. The first pull-tab beer can (1962). STX manufactures the first urethane plastic lacrosse head (1970). Dave Matthews Band forms in Charlottesville, Virginia (1991).

Add one more to that list: Josh Folan founds Thanks, Bro Beef Jerky & Beer Delivery in New York City (March 2011).

(Josh Folan of Thanks, Bro)

Imagine a buddy just did you a solid. Helped you install that new 42" HD flatty. Took a grenade for you so you could talk up that Villanova chick at Dorrian's. The reasons for thanking are numerous, though the means are limited. Is an Edible Arrangement fruit basket really appropriate when your bro still crushes beer cans over his head when things get heated in college football?

Of course not. Enter Thanks, Bro.

T,B is a delivery service in Manhattan (below 96th street) that specializes in gifts for that important broseph if your life. Like a version of a dude's Occam's Razor, T,B keeps its gift packages pretty simple: namely, beef jerky and beer (though bro-erfic add-ons like Yankees hats are available).

After hearing about Thanks, Bro through UrbanDaddy (natch), I placed two orders for buddies of mine. I was so fascinated with the simplistic beauty of the business model that I approached Josh for an interview on Disaffected Prep.

We met up this weekend at a park on 29th and 2nd and I took some pictures with the CBO (Chief Bro Officer).

(Josh and I both realized that this little guy was a definite bro in training. Backwards baseball cap, hoodie, tennis racquet and warm up pants. The bro-force is strong with this one.)

Here is our interview.

Dan: Where did the inspiration for Thanks, Bro come from, and what was it like starting up the business?

Josh: The idea stemmed from a frustrating personal experience I encountered while trying to send a bro-ey surgeon I owed a thank you to some time ago after doing me the solid of fixing my face after a broken cheekbone. I couldn’t find anywhere that would deliver beef jerky and beer, the ultimate male gift combo, in a gift context. No one. In Manhattan. Which still blows my mind. You can get ANYthing delivered anywhere in less than an hour in this town, except beef jerky and beer…at least until now. Enter Thanks, Bro. As for getting started, it basically required just deciding to do it and then sitting down for a couple nights building the illustrious website, followed by another two days social media-ing the shit out of it. By Monday of the following week Urban Daddy picked the story up and we were off and running.

Dan: Awesome. Yeah I saw the UrbanDaddy email and immediately forwarded to a couple of buds saying THIS IS GENIUS. So what's the reception been like so far? Is it mostly bros sending it to other bros or are the brosephinas ordering as well?

Josh: Bro-ettes have been VERY active in ordering in the first few weeks of operation. Just finished processing one a few minutes ago between a sister and her brother (and his wife, amusingly), in fact. I recall making a delivery from a woman to a guy they just wanted to thank for dinner over the weekend – a first date Thanks, Bro, perhaps? Seems a pretty cool way to make a lasting impression on a bro you want to get involved with, bro-ettes…

Dan: Definitely. So what's been the most popular beer so far - I'm guessing Blue Moon and Bud Diesel?

Josh: A lot of Blue Moon, yes. Magic Hat moves. Certainly Bud and its lighter counterpart. Ideally none of these will be on the Thanks, Bro landscape down the road, though. I’m working to establish relationships with micro and local brews that will fill out the product selection, much like I’ve already began doing with the jerky, which I think will further separate Thanks, Bro from what you could get yourself from Duane Reade.

(Actual picture of the Thanks, Bro package I sent to my buddy Peter as a housewarming gift. You have the option of including a personalized message that Josh will handwrite for you)

Dan: Oh wow very cool. Yeah I guess you lead into my next question. What's next for Thanks, Bro? My friend Peter (the bud heavy package you delivered) suggested scotch and fillets. I was thinking maybe a Bro weekend pack with beer, jerky, a Top Gun DVD and maybe Yankees tix or something. So fill us in with your plan.

Josh: At the top of the order form, and reiterated in the FAQ, is a note about the openness we have towards the suggestion of custom made-to-order Thanks, Bro packages. So the more creative a thanker wants to get with their thankee, the better. If it’s feasible, we’ll do our damndest to make it happen. And just thinking about it now, maybe we’ll even name good ones after the thanking bro and feature them on the site under the name of their originator. Beyond client ideas, I’m always brewing up ideas with the marketing consultants I’m lucky enough to be working with one this on ways to bro-out Thanks, Bro in any way possible.

Dan: That's a great idea Josh. OK, I figured we could finish up the interview with something of a "Bro Lightning Round." What's more bro, North Face or Patagonia?

Josh: Northface. Frat-tastic bros everywhere agree.

Dan: High five or bro hug?

Josh: Bro hug. Don’t fear showing your bro love.

Dan: Top Gun or Braveheart?

Josh: Top Gun. Braveheart is too bad-ass, bro.

Dan: Del Frisco's or Peter Luger's?

Josh: Luger's, bro.

Dan: Who has the best flow in college lacrosse?

Josh: Billy Jackson. My freshman year college roommate (and lacrosse player) at OSU, circa `99. He was 5’7”, 150lbs on a good day and I watched him crack a half-full 40-ounce over some kid twice his size’s head.

Dan: Well that about does it for the interview Josh. Thanks, bro.

Josh: Thank you, bro.

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