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Sunday, June 12, 2011


Lit Nerdery Round-Up

Seen some good book related content floating around on the Internet recently:

Plausible-Seeming but Tonally Inappropriate Book Covers:

Kinda would have like to have seen Ed Banky's car perhaps, or the ducks in Central Park, but this cover is pretty good.

Part of the Seth Cohen Starter-Pack.

Would also make a pretty good Pink Floyd cover, if you ask me.

Would have kinda liked to have seen a group shot of Hal, John "N.R." Wayne, Pemulis and Mario, but really can't quibble.


These guys make posters using the entire text of a classic book. Un. Real.

For example, Gatsby:

Super cool general-literary-news-website Vol 1 Brooklyn also has a cafe press site where they sell 11x17 literary trading card posters. Only one right now, but they went with DFW, so solid choice. I bought one of these a few months ago.

Speaking of Brooklyn and DFW, Neighborhoodies also sells a Wallace homage of sorts: Enfield Tennis Academy t-shirts. I also own one of these, and got a head nod from one of the librarians the other day when I wore it to the library. Those who know, know.

Lastly, a tumblr dedicated to images of Lisa Simpson reading books. Genius.



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