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Monday, December 5, 2011


How to Sling Your Loved Ink

I thought of writing about the different types (archetypes?) of literary tote bags out there on the interwebs but found I was already beaten to the punch by the likes of flavorpill and vol 1 brooklyn.

Vol 1 even did the whole, 'what this bag says about you' in the vein of Lauren Leto's cyno-reductionist Judging a Book By Its Lover mini-festo. (Note: read my pal Zack's profile of Lauren)

From Vol 1 Brooklyn:
The Paris Review tote: You really want to impress somebody by letting them know you read The Paris Review.  (Don’t worry, we’ve all been there.)
The N+1 tote: You probably mention in conversation that when you receive a new issue of N+1, you skip straight to the Marco Roth piece.

Shit. I was going to namedrop n+1! (though I go straight to the 'Intellectual Situation,' personally). If Vol 1 scrubbed that corner of the literary universe, what else is out there for me to talk about? How can I get a seat at the literary tote bag table?

I find my ways.

Check it - the ingenious crafters over at Etsy always come through in the clutch.

Need to profess you love of Pride & Prejudice (& Flowers?)

Mr. Darcy to Lizzy Bennet! Love it! From Brookish's Etsy page. 

Maybe you find that too sentimental and want to push your luv of modernism on the L train?

Well, 250Union's Etsy page has got you covered if you've got a jones for Joyce.

But what if Ulysses is a tad too heavy for you cause you're really just more into visceral experiences like getting drunk and writing over-hyped (whoooops) poems about chicks on your 'typer'?

Then buy this Bukowski tote at polymer's Etsy page.

Remember how Mel Gibson in Conspiracy Theory (1997) compulsively bought copies of Catcher in the Rye whenever he saw a copy for sale?

He'd probably OCD over the above bag, too. From imissyoualready

OK. So everything I mentioned is very author-specific. What if you just want to say you like books, but also enjoy a particular song from Sir-Mix-A-Lot's 1992 album, Mack Daddy?

Feel free to pack away War and Peace or William Vollmann's Imperial or something with this tote from PamelaFugateDesigns. Maybe just carry your groceries in it. Who cares? The bag is awesome. 


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